Putting the customer at the heart of creation

Answering to uncertainties of a changing market, the Studio is a new entity, under the leadership and responsibility of Mickael Royer, Vice President of the Group.

Composed with a team of experts, this organization offers great agility and an “out of the box” vision.

The Studio is specialized in Lifestyle Fashion & Luxury brands and aims to become an incubator and an accelerant.

The Studio offers a “consumer centric” approach, where the customer is the point of coherence for all aspects of each brand. Digital is an important element to know, communicate with and understand the customer in order to establish a lasting relationship. Service and interaction are as important concepts as design and quality.

The goal of Studio is to become an essential reference in selective distribution by relying on a network of partners.

The Studio is based on three interactive development axes: Own Brands, Private Labels and Distribution.