Well-established, with 40 years’ experience of international networks, up-to-date knowledge of the strengths of each country, lasting, ethically-based partner relations and active monitoring.

Sourcing Trading

While the Group has few production units in Europe, it has a very detailed knowledge of Asia’s industrial fabric. It has contacts with the very best production sites and regularly works with around 150 factories. These are selected for their know-how, specialisation, production capacity, history and respect for social and environmental standards.

Today, most of the volumes sold by the Royer Group come from South-East Asia (85%). But the Group is concerned to broaden its production regions and also calls on other regions such as India, where leather work is particularly valued, and the countries of Southern Europe.

To cope with the geographical remoteness of some of the production sites, offices – genuine Group subsidiaries – have been set up as close as possible to the factories. 200 people (development managers, quality controllers, merchandisers…) are there to make sure that production runs smoothly. Their work consists of placing the collections with the suppliers and checks on quality and deadlines, all in close collaboration with the teams in France.


What is Royer Asia ?

Royer Asia is an extension of the Groupe Royer in Asia. With many offices in China and Vietnam, the company take care of sourcing, development and the asian production of textiles, shoes and accessories.

The production is manly made in Indedonesia, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

What is the role of Asia's offices ?

The main office, Joyling, is located in Hongkong. It take care of the international clients (english, american) and the contracts (licence, distribution) . It is composed of teams of development, merchandizer et quality controller (QC).

It is responsible of the other offices in China and Vietnam. We can find many services : IT, accounting, finances and expedition.


Models per season, not counting colour variations



6.9 M

Items treated in 2021

5.2 M

Pairs of shoes sold in 2021