développement produits


Product development

Always stay a step ahead of the fashion… and in step with consumer expectations

The birth of a collection, step by step :

Building on two key imperatives

Control over distribution – in-store or via the Internet – allows us to feed back sales analyses for the seasons in progress. This invaluable information is of great help to the designers in forecasting and anticipating what kind of products consumers will be asking for and buying.
Alongside this, and because they must always remain attentive to and curious about everything, our designers are further inspired by trend books, which show them the latest fashion trends in the ready-to-wear and shoe sectors.
All these influences lead to the collection brief, 1 year before the collection is launched.

Each brand has a dedicated team

The team consists of a Collection Manager, a Product Manager, a Designer, an Assistant and a Sales Representative. They are all trained, experienced professionals with a sound understanding of the complexity and demands of the different distribution networks: competitive environment, pursuit of quality and concern for differentiation.



From technical specifications to sales sample

Several stages follow on from each other once the design of the models has been ratified. Discussions take place between the product managers and the quality director until the model is approved and is given its technical specification sheet, which lists all the characteristics of the shoe:

which raw materials: mesh (perforated synthetic), canvas, leather?  25 options in total!

which techniques: dry assembly, fabric printing, etc.?

what type of sole?

which tools to use?…

Several prototypes will be produced before the final sample, known as the sales sample, is made, which will be presented to customers: a model that is attractive, high-quality and comfortable, the hallmark of the Royer Group.