Digital and E-Commerce

A challenge. The Royer Group has embarked on a digital project that covers every level of activity: brands, social networks and BtoB.





Director, Royer Asia / Managing Director, Royer SEA,
responsible for the Group’s digital development

Mikaël Royer


“In France, we’ve been involved in a wide-ranging digital development project across the Group since 2015. Alongside our presence on the “pure players”, we’re developing more and more e-commerce websites for our own brands. Where, in the past, a brand’s biggest showcase was a flagship store on the Champs-Elysées, it’s now essential to have good websites. I don’t see digital BtoB or BtoC as a separate entity, it’s a complementary tool, aimed at everyone, to promote business.”



Nicolas Duchêne, E-commerce manager

Nicolas Duchêne

Digitisation to serve all Royer Group customers

Digitisation to serve all Royer Group customers

We started out with the observation that our BtoB customers are all BtoC consumers who use the e-commerce websites., which is why we’ve provided them with an order management tool that’s extremely simple to use. Each customer has secure access to his account, where he’ll find all the orders he’s already placed, by retail outlet, on the platform or through his representative, his sales conditions, etc. It’s more reliable as it eliminates any risk of error, it’s faster and it’s a major step forward for our customers. The platform also allows us to propose new brands that match their purchasing profile. This channel currently accounts for only 3% in France, but is expected to rise to 20% by 2020, according to our prospecting results. 


BtoC is an essential sales channel and showcase

The steady increase in the number of visits to the Royer Group’s trading websites - Kids&,, Stephane and – shows how much customers appreciate buying our brands online and browsing through each universe. The Royer Group develops each of its websites to suit different aims: while is already well established, Kids& – which brings together all the Royer Group’s children’s brands – has considerable potential for developing its network on the web, while Stephane Kélian relies on its history to reinvent itself and reach out to its public…