Nearly 350 employees with varied, complementary skills and profiles.

The Group’s KEY values

Expertise: because professionalism is assessed on expertise and our Group is a and an expert in its market.

Loyalty: because positive collaboration is based on mutual trust and this is built on honesty, keeping to commitments and loyalty.

Enthusiasm: because our Group is dynamic and is always coming up with new projects, we’re looking for employees who want to play an active role, with joy and commitment to the Group’s development.


people recruited on permanent contracts in 2018

63 %

of the workforce have at least 5 years’ service

20 %

of employees are under 35


different nationalities are represented

1 %

of the payroll is set aside for training

60 %

of employees are women

95 points sur 100

Index égalité Homme / Femme

Interview with Anne Hery, Director, Human Resources

With nearly 350 employees in France, in jobs as varied as design, marketing, sales and logistics, the Royer Group has an active HR policy that supports the development of the company and of the individual. Because of its family background, the company is very attached to the human aspect, and this is reflected in a wide variety of initiatives and in its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

Anne Héry

People at the heart of the Group

Why join a family Group ?

" Firstly, because of its human size and the fact that the Chairman, Jacques Royer, is very accessible, people listen and there is dialogue. Secondly, because the Royer Group is keen to welcome applicants with a pioneering spirit: even if they don’t come from the sector or the profession, if we think they’ve got something to offer, we’ll look at their profile!”, said Anne Héry, Director of Human Resources. The company also promotes mobility and will cover the cost of training if necessary.

Being attentive to employee working conditions

In 2015, the Royer Group was chosen by ARAT (Regional Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions) to take part, with 3 other companies  in a study of work-related health problems. The audit helped to substantially improve working conditions for our warehouse employees, who make up 20% of the workforce, and led us to examine a project to renovate the Fougères warehouse ( 12,000 m2 and 60 employees). 

Respecting equality between men and women

In a Group in which 58% of employees are women, the Management Committee now contains as many women as men to reflect our determination to promote equality. The same number of men and women are offered promotion and women are given more training because there are more of them. In 2016, individual increases were distributed more in favour of women.