Technique et Qualité


A technical and quality unit that guarantees quality compliance throughout the shoe manufacturing process.


Acting as the interface between design, the product managers and the production sites worldwide, the technical and quality team is a key link in the chain.

Its role is to take a sketch and physically develop the finished product to obtain a sample that will be used to sell the product to Royer Group customers. To achieve this, the technical teams responsible for quality will make up to 3 prototypes.

This phase will be followed by industrialisation to duplicate the product in different sizes.

Technical Direction

Staying within the guidelines

A closely monitored journey

Before launching into production, reference samples will then be made and approved. Once they are considered to be satisfactory, 3 samples will act as a common reference at head office, the warehouse and the production site (production compliance).

Development/prototyping phase

The basic last is designed in France and sent to the manufacturer who will duplicate it and ensure a good fit and compliance with the design.
2 or 3 prototypes will be required to perfect it.
The soles are developed following the approval of the 2D or 3D plans and the mock-up.



The production run lasts are then developed, measured and checked to ensure that they provide a good fit and comply with the style lines.
Finished products in 3 or 4 sizes for each new model are then developed so that the fit and the design can be approved; changes are made to the patterns at this stage so that all the sizes can be made.
The sole plans for each size will be supplied by the mould-maker for checking the graduations and the design of the soles.
Production size compliance samples are made by the supplier so that we can approve the materials before going into production; they also act as a reference for the manufacturer and our quality control team in the region, and on reception in our warehouses in France.

Quality control in production

Quality control is carried out routinely on the production site prior to dispatch. If OK, an approval stamp is placed on every package that has been checked. If there’s a problem, the lots are repaired or remade then checked again.
A final quality check is carried out on reception by sampling in our warehouses in France for approval prior to delivery.
Each model goes through a battery of physical and chemical tests to ensure that it complies with our specifications and with the REACH regulations. The department is in close contact with After Sales to examine any problems that may occur during use.

Shoe experts: a combination of tradition and innovation

One of the distinctive features of the Royer Group is that it employs professionals who have either worked in traditional production, in a design office, or acquired considerable expertise in computer-assisted design (CAD). With these skills they can identify the causes of any problems and work with the suppliers to see how processes can be improved.
Finally, in response to the challenges of the market, the Group is buying in new technology, such as 3D CAD, which can be used across the board, from design to production and 3D printing and allows people at all levels and on every site to share information in a reliable way.


Models per season, not counting colour variations


Regular suppliers, mostly in Asia but some in Portugal.


Import and development offices.