A French luxury shoe brand with real shoemaking know-how and a strong identity. A mix of masculine/feminine codes, architectural lines and a mastery of the braiding technique.

What if fashion was governed once again by art? Appointed six months ago to run the House of Stéphane Kélian, the Italian designer Rubens Bressanin has turned the dream into reality, using figures reminiscent of Piet Mondrian, Lucio Fontana and Alexander Calder to create his 2018 spring-summer collection. Wave heels, leather torn in the Fontana style, “Broadway Boogie-Woogie” style braiding… In its own way, every mule, sandal or slipper model conjures up the pioneers of Abstraction-Creation and returns the Paris House to its roots: a brotherhood of aesthetes, the Kéloglanian brothers, who were hugely popular in the 1980s with their masculine-feminine shoes inspired by Constructivism. Formerly designed in Romans, France, the shoes are now made in Italy in line with the Venetian tradition of which Rubens Bressanin is a disciple.
Available on the brand
e-shop, Stéphane Kélian’s 2018 spring-summer collection will be on sale in an exclusive pop-up store at Printemps Haussmann, from 22 January 2018.


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