This is the true story of a sandal-maker, Jean Corbun, who set up business in Sainte Marie de Gosse in 1935, and his son, who carried on his unique form of know-how. The espadrilles are still manufactured with care to the highest standards of the professi

Pare Gabia. The words pare gabia mean without equal in the Basque language. They were printed on the bottom of the moulds used to vulcanise the espadrilles and the founder decided to use them as a brand name. The Pare Gabia logo, which uses a Basque print style, appeared in 1950.
Pare Gabia uses its bold, authentic identity codes to renew its products season after season, with a mix of canvas and leather, powdered and iridescent finishes, red, pink and blue floral notes... Every summer, the espadrille, the brand’s iconic model, comes in a range of rich, sparkling colours...

Pare Gabia

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