Founded in 1921, Charles Jourdan has existed for over 100 years. Would you say that an artistic renaissance is out of the question at this ripe old age? Not when boldness has defined your every step since the very beginning.

Is cultivating joy the greatest eccentricity of the postmodern era? Perhaps...

In any case, it is what the renewed Charles Jourdan brand seeks to express with a hint of whimsy through its soft pop tones, unexpected materials, and bold lines.

It presents a daring dose of fun inspired by the colorful spirit of its origins, which has accompanied the emancipation of women and their style since the 1920s. Subtly raised heels, audacious colors and daring leathers have all helped boost the confidence of women who like to go out, dance, drive cars, read, travel, and have fun.

Now is the time for defining new forms of femininity, and Charles Jourdan is infusing the moment with its shining optimism. Carried by joy, the Charles Jourdan of the past and present still places utmost importance on sophistication and beautiful craftsmanship. Now more than ever, luxury lies in the details, enhanced through the savoir-faire and perfection of the finest Italian shoemakers.

To realize this renaissance in 2022, Charles Jourdan has entrusted Christelle Kocher (also the Artistic Director of Koché) with designing its new collections.

Charles Jourdan

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