A transverse logistics approach that goes beyond the warehouses.


To adapt to changes in the market, logistics imposes a new challenge: juggling between anticipation and reactivity. All the Group’s investments are focused in this direction.

Khalil BENYELLES, Director, Supply Chain and IT Services

Khalil BENYELLES, Directeur Supply Chain et SI

Anticipating to provide the best service

From logistics to the Supply Chain

Trying to provide the best possible customer delivery at the most reasonable cost to the Group isn’t an easy equation. And making sure that hundreds of thousands of products are available isn’t just down to logistics functions: “The purpose of a Supply Chain department is to bring all or part of the processes up to the most advanced stage of the interaction. And to achieve this, it’s essential to have consultation between the different departments (sales, purchasing, logistics),” explained Khalil Benyelles,  Director, Supply Chain and IT Services. This involves coordination processes such as S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning), which are used to organise sourcing and deliveries to best suit customer demand.

Large-scale projects

To meet the challenges of the future, the Supply Chain department works in two complementary directions. We’re carrying out large-scale projects involving heavy investment. The renewal of the ERP* with the choice of the WMS software was a turning-point for the Royer Group, allowing it to monitor its Supply Chain much more closely and offer a quality of service based on delivery targets. “With this tool we can anticipate and prioritise, as it improves reliability at all levels and masterminds our logistics organisation in a very simple way (optimised picking, transport, processing time, etc.)“, said Khalil Benyelles.

The drive for continuing improvement

The modernisation of the Group’s main warehouse, which is planned for May 2018, has the dual aim of accelerating flows and improving working conditions. The project includes conveying and picking tools and focuses on moving the products towards the pickers, thereby increasing processing capacity and reducing the amount of movement, the number of risk areas and occupational health risks.

These different projects and our ongoing quest for continuing improvement confirm the Royer Group’s position as a key player in the shoe distribution sector in France, capable of responding to the challenges and evolutions in the market.

* ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

12 M

Pairs dispatched from the warehouses in 2016

40 000 m²

Of total logistics area


Parcels per container on average

4 M

Storage capacity