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All the activities that help the company to run smoothly: these include different functions such as IT and financial services, human resources, administrative services, etc�.


Interview with Benoît Rolland Jacob, Financial and Legal Director

Benoît Rolland Jacob, Financial and Legal Director

Guarantee the security of everyday operations

When he joined the Group, in 1994, Benoît Rolland-Jacob’s mission was to structure the management control of the three companies that formed the Group at the time. As the Group expanded and he began to develop a trusting relationship with Jacques Royer, this reserved individual was given broader responsibilities. “My role is to ensure that day-to-day operations are secure and to prepare the ground for all the Group’s growth projects.” This brings him into contact with different teams: financial, accounts, management control, customer credit – essential – and legal activities. These are currently being reinforced as the number of brands increases. “We need to be experts in company law, commercial leases and commercial law – including intellectual property, licence law and trade name law -, contract law and disputes, of course,” explained Benoît Rolland-Jacob. 


The preparation of the growth operations is exciting

Apart from day-to-day activities, preparing growth operations is fascinating as the examination of all the legal and financial aspects will help the Royer Group decide whether or not to continue with a project and its financing. And the Group has no shortage of development projects in Europe and Asia, and is looking to incorporate a lot of new brands! Finally, digitised invoices and optimised reporting will help us become more efficient. A final word? “I love this job for its variety, because I’m doing it in a family firm that’s running projects on an international scale,” said Benoît Rolland-Jacob.

Interview with Olivier Mercier, Director of the Von Dutch brand

Olivier Mercier, Directeur de la marque Von Ducth

A French-style Californian dream


Olivier Mercier, who oversees the Von Dutch brand, has had an unusual career. Unusual, too, is the lifestyle clothing brand, a tribute to the Californian artist Von Dutch. A constructive encounter…
Olivier Mercier comes from a family of restaurateurs and started his career in hotels and catering before changing direction completely and setting up a company to distribute American shoe brands.

The Von Dutch saga

Always on the lookout for open, different profiles, Jacques Royer brought Olivier Mercier into the Group in 2003. In 2005, he asked him to take over the sales management of Von Dutch, for which the Group had just acquired the licence. The brand was already well-known through the “celebrity business”, launched by Christian Audigier. But the Group saw huge potential in the Von Dutch identity, based on the Californian culture.

Rebirth of a legendary brand

On 26 October 2009, the Royer Group became the owner of Von Dutch. “It was the first time that the Group had got involved with a lifestyle clothing brand established worldwide,” said  Olivier Mercier. Aware of the challenge, he drew up an ambitious, rigorous road map.

The age of maturity

After 5 years’ hard work, Von Dutch was represented by a solid network of licensees in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Asia. Olivier Mercier attributes this success to the fact that the Group allows him to “manage Von Dutch like a start-up”.
His projects include opening a shop in Los Angeles, launching a collection of decorative plaques such as those that can be seen on American garages … and a collection of shoes. In France, where the brand was only established in the clothing segment,  shoes are on the programme for 2018!

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