A challenge. The Royer Group has embarked on a digital project that covers every level of activity: brands, social networks and BtoB.





Director, Royer Asia / Managing Director, Royer SEA,
responsible for the Group’s digital development

Mikaël Royer


“In France, we’ve been involved in a wide-ranging digital development project across the Group since 2015. Alongside our presence on the “pure players”, we’re developing more and more e-commerce websites for our own brands. Where, in the past, a brand’s biggest showcase was a flagship store on the Champs-Elysées, it’s now essential to have good websites. I don’t see digital BtoB or BtoC as a separate entity, it’s a complementary tool, aimed at everyone, to promote business.”




Digital Marketing Manager

Sophie Parmentier

Helping marketing managers define and deploy their strategy.

I have a transverse role that involves harmonising brand messages throughout the customer experience, telling the brand story by focusing on its identity, accompanying Group partners such as retailers in introducing digital technology into their shops… We’ve organised brand workshops to present the opportunities that digital marketing can offer: analytical tools, traffic acquisition linked to performance, etc. This is followed by a fascinating presentation at Google

Deployment in several phases

I get involved at different levels, depending on the maturity of the brands: drawing up specifications with a view to redesigning a website ( e.g. and, support for media investment (3 web series on Facebook and YouTube for New Balance), ensuring the offer is consistent across all the sales channels, and, of course, brand monitoring and e-reputation. Apart from that, and because of its broad customer spectrum, the Royer Group is working on a CRM tool project and supporting Human Resources in deploying its employer brand.



Social Media Manager

Alexandra Bretonnier

" My job is to promote the Royer Group on the social networks "

People look on the networks every day, so they’ve become one of the key components of a marketing strategy. All our brands have a Facebook page and an Instagram account on which we deploy our marketing campaigns.
To create a trusting relationship and engage dialogue with our fans, we offer them attractive content - photos, quotes, partnership with bloggers, competitions, etc. – and take all opinions on board.
The other aim of the social networks is to redirect consumers to our trading websites. For Kickers, for example, we’re looking to bring the community together and present the brand above and beyond the children’s range and the iconic models. With Kickers & Co, we’re aiming to promote it as the multi-brand specialist for children’s shoes.
Finally, to develop brand recall beyond the existing communities, we regularly launch media campaigns on Facebook, which are subsequently fully analysed. In digital marketing, the real rule is “test and learn”: listen to the consumer and act accordingly.

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