Accompanying the luxury and premium brands. An upmarket know-how and a great opportunity for development.

Accompanying the luxury and premium brands



“A strategy based on distinctiveness and an international vocation”

Outstanding manufacturing quality and finishes.

The Luxury Goods division was created in order to be best able to meet the specific needs inherent to this market segment, from the choice of the designers through to the suppliers and business partners.
The Royer group’s Luxury Goods department includes the brands Stephane Kélian and Charles Jourdan, 2 complementary brands aimed at women with differing styles.
To respect the brands’ inherent characteristics and to meet consumers’ needs, it is necessary to work with specific suppliers for this market segment (in Italy for Stephane Kélian and in Spain for Charles Jourdan), all specially selected, proposing a selection of highly original and refined materials in addition to outstanding manufacturing quality and finishes.

Being where the opinion leaders are

Deployment and distribution are also key strategic aspects. Whether we’re talking about the choice of towns and districts, opening a flagship outlet or selecting a reseller, nothing should be left to chance and everything should be done for a reason. We need to be where the opinion leaders are.
A luxury goods brand must observe very specific codes when expressing itself. As an example, unlike in other market segments it cannot limit itself to simply following trends and fashions. It must create them.
These special characteristics are also reflected in the approach to digital communication, with websites which must be seen more as showcases for their particular worlds and their creativity, rather than simply as sales platforms.

An international vocation.

The luxury goods sector is a thriving market but also and above all an enormous source of opportunities. This is particularly the case in the international market. As Jean-François Ferrandiz, the General Manager of the Luxury Goods division explains, “for a luxury goods brand, going international is not only an obligation but also a vocation”. A vocation which is currently being pursued in Asia for Charles Jourdan and in the American and North European markets for Stephane Kélian.

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