Through its history and knowledge of the dedicated distribution circuits, the Royer Group can deal with all the issues linked to mass distribution.


Affordable shoes for every sector of the market.

The Distribution Division’s role is to design, develop and distribute affordable branded shoes to the widest possible consumer range. It currently covers four businesses: the distribution of the Royer range via the supermarkets, the sale of affordable branded and/or licensed shoes to every sector of the market, the design and sale of unbranded products, and the development of sports products across all the Group entities.


Raphaëlle CAMUS, Director, Distribution Division

Raphaëlle CAMUS, Directrice Pôle Diffusion

Innovating with our partners and anticipating consumer expectations

Our watchword

To create value and content to develop customer loyalty and numbers.
In other words, draw up a portfolio of complementary brands/licences, and also develop each of the collections in accordance with the brand’s identity. To achieve this, the Group has a variety of strengths, such as a presence in all the distribution networks, multi-product sourcing at different levels of quality, integrated design teams and a field sales force.
This "full service“ has already attracted the group’s long-standing partners and has been well-received by the new distribution circuits such as the rural store chains.

Setting out to serve the brands

The Group’s motto is to act as the driving force for its customers. This means paying particular attention to the supplier-store chain partnership in order to develop opportunities for growth and provide a win-win business plan, but also having a brand support plan. Sales support, offering a dedicated key accounts structure, or creative support for the product, with designer and market manager pairings to ensure high resale rates for the collections.

We also need to provide support at the point of sale, either physical or digital, with ready-to-sell concepts for a large number of brands, sales operations to develop sell-out and event creation.

Showing quick reactions to underlying trends

It’s essential to carry out constant active monitoring in order to continue bringing in new brands and develop products that are in step with consumer trends and fashions. This is why our product teams work on new concepts (developing child autonomy, shoe mould design, comfort ranges, etc.), product innovation (shape memory soles, breathable uppers, products for yoga, etc.). They also work on value analysis to reduce costs and offer competitive prices on the brand/or licence.

Keeping up with current trends, sustainably

The Royer Group has been BSCI certified since 2015 and attaches great importance to sustainable development. The BSCI offers companies a common code of conduct and an action plan, thereby offering the Group’s customers a guarantee of transparency, which is now an essential condition for the development of partnerships.

But this awareness of sustainability can also be seen in our concern to offer consumers practical, attractive and ethical products. A winning philosophy illustrated by the Bioteefull espadrille, 100% natural, made with organic cotton, using plant dyes and water-based glue !


Brands under licence and distribution agreements

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