The brand offers elegant sneakers made using the world’s finest expertise. These products also contribute towards the development of the people who make them.�

As a point of interest: during a period of 1 year spent in Lima as a volunteer working for a non-government organisation, Antoine Burnier fell in love with Peru and decided to set up a development project with the rubber producers, in partnership with the WWF and branch of the UNO.
PIOLA project is based on 2 key points: 
- leaving the producers to choose their price. The terms under which the rubber is bought are very much in their favour (up to 6 times the local market price), thus exceeding the established “fair trade” criteria;
- involving consumers by suggesting that they donate part of the purchase price (4 euros) to improve the producers’ production capacity and living conditions.
The models are made with Italian and Portuguese leather and wild rubber from Amazonia and are then assembled in a magnificent factory in Portugal.
PIOLA reinterprets sneakers in a modern, minimalist style, mixing colours and materials on smart forms. The result: high-end, uniquely designed product lines with an “urban traveller” image.


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