For over 100 years, New Balance has been dedicated to encouraging movement in the world we live in. Because we believe in a simple truth: we were born to move.

Founded in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts (United States), under the name of The New Balance Arch Company, the company specialised in designing orthopaedic soles and shoes then in the production of running performance shoes.
In 1972, Jim Davis, the current owner and chairman, bought New Balance on the day of the Boston Marathon. He undertook to remain faithful to the brand’s values such as performance and quality. At the time, the factory was turning out 30 pairs a day. Four years later, the 320 was voted the best running shoe on the market and the brand achieved worldwide recognition. The absolute priority is the product: Manufactured in England and the United States as a guarantee of quality, an offer of several widths per size, massive investment in research and development… Since then, New Balance has diversified its production to offer a complete range of sports shoes and clothing; the strategy has paid off and the brand is now the 4th biggest in the world, with sales of 3.7 billion dollars in 2015.

New Balance

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