A brand for all the family: unique, original and authentic.

A heritage shoe brand founded in 1970, of French origin but with an international dimension. A brand for all the family: unique, original and authentic.
Kickers is, first and foremost, a bohemian, spontaneous state of mind , a strong personality, an optimistic vision of the world in which notions of authenticity, complicity and generosity are essential. A shoe that bridges the generations.
With each collection, Kickers takes its inspiration from the key trends of the season and reinvents itself by looking back to its historic heritage born from the winds of freedom of the 70s.
After nearly 50 years’ experience, the transgenerational brand now offers a range of comfortable, fashionable products for adults and children with particular expertise in supporting infants as they learn to walk.
Feel good in your shoes, feel good in your life: that’s the Kickers motto, a state of mind as well as a style. To wear Kickers is to express your difference and a philosophy of life in which you are guided by your curiosity and open-mindedness.


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