Since 1949, ABSORBA, a French brand specialising in clothing for babies and children, has designed and created long-lasting, comfortable, high-quality and contemporary products featuring a simple, cheerful and colourful style for all of life’s mom










It all began with an absorbent nappy. But not just any one: this was innovative, soft and designed from 100% jersey stretch cotton. It was comfortable, practical and offered good protection against leaks: a great achievement in 1949!
Even back then, Absorba was working to ensure the well-being of children, by maximising their comfort, and of their parents, by making life easier for them. These beginnings shaped the future development of this brand, which started life in a hosiery works in Troyes. 10 years after its initial
success, Absorba, which in the meantime had extended its product range to include clothing (babywear, underclothes, night clothes, bathing and nursery items) was awarded the oscar for childcare products in 1959, in recognition of its invaluable know-how in the field of children’s
Absorba grew alongside its little customers, proposing a children’s ready to wear range in 1965. Since then, it has gone on to present inspired collections, with an enduring focus on quality.